Create Custom Wardrobe Wall Units for the Bedroom and Entertainment Units for the Family Room


Bedroom Wardrobe Wall Units

Older Philadelphia homes offer class, timelessness and history. But the 19th-century row homes also create closet conundrums: scarce storage space. Incorporating a wardrobe closet into your bedroom offers one way to solve your clothing storage space issue. Bella Systems Philly completely customizable wardrobe wall units make efficient use of available space and can incorporate multiple functions that work the best for you and your clothing.

A smaller or older home doesn’t have to sacrifice closet space. Bella Systems Philly borrows the classic beauty and function of armoires to create the ultimate wardrobe unit that packs plenty of organization and storage within a trim footprint. Convert a bedroom wall into a wardrobe that offers

  • Large cabinets to add hanging
  • Closet Shelving
  • Shoe shelves
  • Drawers
  • Hampers
  • Space for TV’s
  • Glass cabinets
  • Fold away ironing boards
  • LED lighting

Custom TV and Entertainment Wall Units

A functional, stylish wall unit creates from chaos. Considering of today’s peripherals and equipment – from DVD players, cable/ satellite boxes, DVRs, stereo systems, gaming consoles and miles of cables needed to connect them all – taming your television or family room presents quite the challenge. Bella Systems Philly offers intelligent solutions using TV wall units or entertainment wall units to calm the clutter.

Bella Systems Philly offers custom entertainment and television wall units that not only feature, or if you prefer, hide, your television but also provide accessible storage for peripherals and space to exhibit your treasures. Our entertainment and television wall units feature:

  • Adjustable, flexible shelving to display collectibles, books, photo albums, art, media center components, DVDs, CDs, games and remote controls
  • Cable management systems that route power cords and connecting wires out of sight but still easily accessible
  • Fabric door inserts to hide less-than-aesthetically-pleasing speakers and subwoofers while still allowing their sounds to fill the room
  • Integrated LED lighting that showcases your favorite art and collectibles and adjusts to your room’s lighting needs

Classic. Sophisticated. Functional.

Bella Systems Philly custom wall units, built to fit along the wall, provide significant storage space. Because we can design our wall units to fit into unused alcoves, nooks around windows, between appliances or any other underutilized space, these compact, inventive units add charm and maybe even a little mystery.

Consider the possibilities

Space-expanding wall units and custom wardrobe units can

  • Add significant storage to any room
  • Act as beautiful focal points that feature custom trims and finishes that complement your home’s decor and style